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Tianda Group, through Tianda Resources Limited (“Tianda Resources”) and Tianda Environment Limited (“Tianda Environment”), involves resources and environment business.

Tianda Resources is engaged in a number of geological exploration and exploitation projects in phosphorus, coal, uranium, iron, copper, lead, zinc mines, etc., in both China and Australia. With their abundant reserve and geographical advantages, the phosphorous mines developed by the company at Jinyuan, Xundian County, Yunnan Province are well suited to further development in fine phosphorus chemical engineering industry. Moreover, the Group co-invested with China National Coal Group in a large-scale coal field exploitation, electricity generation as well as coal chemical industry projects in Qingyang, Gansu Province. Its development prospect is promising as it is in line with China’s westward movement strategy for energy distribution.

Tianda Group also invests in the development of environmental industry and is committed to offering integrated professional environmental improvement solutions and services, such as land, water resources, air system monitoring and control, etc. In an effort to promote the environmental industry in China, Tianda Environment will be working closely with both domestically and internationally leading environmental services providers and organisations. The Group’s project of carbon dioxide capture, storage and utilisation in Zhungeer, Ordos in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has completed its geological exploration and preliminary feasibility studies.

With high standards of professionalism and strict standardised management, Tianda Resources and Tianda Environment endeavour to develop into modern enterprises in the resources and environmental industry based in China, leading the way into the future.

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