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The culture and creative industry in China is experiencing tremendous growth. To capture this opportunity, Tianda Group has restructured its business units and established Tianda Culture Holdings (China) Limited (“Tianda Culture”). Tianda Culture is primarily engaged in investment and development of cultural business, including printing & packaging, branding & design, creative & media, etc. Headquartered in Qianhai of Shenzhen, Tianda Culture is listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (“NEEQ”) (Stock Code: 837889). The printing & packaging projects invested by Tianda Culture include Zhuhai S.E.Z Cheng Cheng Printing Co Ltd, Yuxi Globe Colour Printing Carton Co Ltd, etc. Tianda Culture also wholly owns Shenzhen Tianda Creative Ltd.

Zhuhai S.E.Z Cheng Cheng Printing Co. Ltd and Yuxi Globe Colour Printing Carton Co. Ltd are the largest of their kinds in Zhuhai City and Yuxi City respectively. They are equipped with world-class printing facilities and management systems, and have developed extensive resources in its professional team and technological expertise covering design, platemaking, printing, post-processing and anti-counterfeit technologies. They offer comprehensive and high quality packaging and printing services to various industries, such as tobacco, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics and personal care industries. Both companies have been the approved packaging suppliers for the subsidiaries of China National Tobacco Corporation, such as China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co. Ltd, China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co. Ltd, China Tobacco Hubei Industrial Co. Ltd, etc.

Taking over all the business from Shenzhen Bidi Creation Advisory Ltd which was incorporated in 2010, Shenzhen Tianda Creative Ltd is mainly engaged in brand management and design, and committed to developing creative & media business rooted in the internet culture.

Following Tianda Group’s corporate philosophy of “Striving for Perfection”, Tianda Culture has the finger on the pulse of time, keeps abreast of the latest technology trend, and aims to write a legend of building business through culture, based on “Big-Cloud-Network” (Big Data, Cloud Technology, Network) and comprising chapters of creative wisdom.

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